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Oxymesh Wholesale Activewear Performance Fabric

oxymesh colors wholesale sportswear and wholesale blank t-shirtsOur best-selling fitness fabric has been made famous by marathon runners, cyclers, and every type of athlete and sports professional imaginableEngineered for maximum airflow with inherent moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry quickly, our shirts feature an airy, lightweight feel that move with your body and redefine the balance between resilience and flexibility. Vibrant colors that never fade and a clean cut provide the ultimate polished aesthetic.

Lightweight Wholesale Activewear Sportswear Fabric
Wholesale activewear performance breathable fabric
Supremely breathable 
Wholesale activewear sportswear permanent moisture wicking fabric
Inherent moisture-wicking fabric doesn't cling or stick to skin
Wholesale fitness apparel bodyfreshe antimicrobial finish inhibits odors
BodyFreshé antimicrobial finish inhibits growth of odors
Wholesale sportswear smooth seams lie flat on the body and don't chafe or bulge
Smooth seams lie flat on the body and don't chafe or bulge
Quick drying wholesale sportswear and wholesale activewear
Hangs dry in less than 30 minutes
Made in USA Wholesale activewear and wholesale sportswear and wholesale fitness apparel
Made In the USA

Expert Brand Wholesale patented oxymesh performance fabric