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Oxymesh™ (AJ) - Performance Sport

Our #1 selling performance fabric is famous among professional athletes and worn by the U.S. Armed Forces. Lightweight with a sporty micro-mesh aesthetic, it breathes as it cools while wicking away sweat and controlling odors naturally, making it ideal for high endurance workouts.
Chemical-Free Moisture-wicking technologyChemical-Free Odor Control Fabric TechnologyLightweight fabricUV protection UPF 30Quick dry permanent performance technology
100% Polyester Oxymesh™
4.0 oz/yd²

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AJ228 Oxymesh™ Distance Racerback Tank

In stock, 1258 units

  • +1
Expert Brand Wholesale Women's Oxymesh Crewneck Performance Tee Made in USA AJ201#true-red
58% OFF
AJ201 Oxymesh™ Crewneck Tech Tee

In stock, 1620 units

AJ202D Oxymesh™ V-Neck Tech Tee

In stock

  • +10
AJ202D Oxymesh™ V-Neck Tech Tee (Continued)

In stock, 2349 units

Expert Brand Wholesale Women's Oxymesh V Neck Performance Tee Imported AJ202 True Red#true-red
23% OFF
AJ202 Oxymesh™ V-Neck Tech Tee - Imported

In stock, 39883 units

  • +5
AJ301D Oxymesh™ Long Sleeve Tech Tee

In stock, 7186 units

  • +10
AJ301 Oxymesh™ Long Sleeve Tech Tee - Imported

In stock, 20297 units

  • +3
AJ1047 Oxymesh™ Energy Shorts

In stock, 1222 units

AJ214🇺🇸 Oxymesh™ V-Neck Workout Tank - Expert Brand black #black
59% OFF
AJ214 Oxymesh™ V-Neck Workout Tank

In stock, 2180 units

AJ215🇺🇸 Oxymesh™ V-Neck Colorblock Tank - Expert Brand turquoise iamge 2#turquoise
60% OFF
AJ215 Oxymesh™ V-Neck Colorblock Tank

In stock, 4190 units

59% OFF
AJ216 Oxymesh™ Raglan Colorblock Referee Tee

In stock, 3921 units

AJ218 Oxymesh™ Malibu Polo - Expert Brand #FOREST GREEN
49% OFF
AJ218 Oxymesh™ Malibu Polo

In stock, 3775 units

  • +2
AJ219🇺🇸 Oxymesh™ Sleeveless Tank - Expert Brand #ROYAL BLUE
53% OFF
AJ219 Oxymesh™ Sleeveless Tank

In stock, 4741 units

  • +5
AJ220 Oxymesh™ City Polo - Expert Brand #KIWI
46% OFF
AJ220 Oxymesh™ City Polo

In stock, 8310 units

  • +6
Expert Brand Wholesale Women's Oxymesh Crossroad Tee Performance Made in USA Red Image 2#true-red
68% OFF
AJ243 Oxymesh™ Crossroad Tee

In stock, 888 units

AJ1040🇺🇸 Oxymesh™ Training Shorts - Expert Brand #BLACK
53% OFF
AJ1040 Oxymesh™ Training Shorts

In stock, 2277 units

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