About Us

Superior Essentials: 30 Years of Fabric Innovation & Technology

We started in 1993 creating technical performance fabric for the famous brands you know and love.
Since then, we've combined expert engineering and an eco-conscious approach 
to craft elevated basics
 that boost brand value. 
We outfit the best of the best, from professional athletes to our armed forces.

 Our performance technology is built-in, which means no chemical finishers, no PFAS (a.ka. "forever chemicals"), no spray-on enhancers, no silicones, no shortcuts, no nonsense. This makes our apparel way more planet-friendly than other fast-fashion marketplace options, and ensures the printing and decorating process is efficient and seamless. 
Read more about our fabrications here.

Expert Brand Made in the USA Wholesale Active Lifestyle Apparel

In Our Own Backyard 

We run a tight ship, and it’s not going to get stuck in the Suez.
Our domestic supply chain doesn’t leave a 20 mile Los Angeles radius.

Developed • Designed • Knit • Dyed • Cut • Sewn • Packed • Shipped

And just like that perfect cup of coffee, all our USA-made clothing comes from a single origin in Los Angeles. Instead of wonky weaves, irregular silhouettes, and discordant dye jobs bred out of multiple factories, we deliver quality and consistency that you can pass on.
Expert Brand Wholesale Eco-Friendly Blank Apparel and Reduced Carbon Footprint 

 KNITTING - Knit to Fit

After three decades of extensive R&D, we are masters of the loom.
We’re yarn-forward, direct fabricators, unlike the majority of apparel manufacturers who purchase fabric from third-party commission knitters.
We're able to keep quality high while keeping costs low and minimizing waste.

Each fabrication undergoes a rigorous assessment, tested for comfortability,
performance attributes, durability and environmental impact.
Read more about our fabrications here.

DYEING - Pigments Without Problems

All dyes used in our apparel are Oeko-Tex® certified planet-friendly.
Plus, high-efficiency dye machines require 7-10x less water than the average dye house facility. Cutting-edge, semi-closed loop technology filters used water from each dye job and recycles it for reuse in the following batch.
Read more about these textile safety standards here

CUTTING & SEWING - A Cut Above the Rest

We maximizing for speed, efficiency and waste reduction, so
any leftover trimmings and scraps are upcycled and reimagined into other products, such as insulation for couch cushions and dog beds.  

Clothing You Can Feel Confident About

Wholesale Activewear Clothing Wholesale Sportswear WRAP certified  

We adhere to unwavering ethical business standards because we believe workplace safety and social mobility should be the norm. Domestic manufacturing is based in Los Angeles, with some of the highest labor standards in the country. Our imported apparel operations are WRAP certified to ensure safe facilities for all employees.

We're using premium quality, certified organic cotton, LENZING® Modal and hemp which are all low-impact, greener alternatives to standard plant-derived textiles. 

We're GOTS certified, meeting the worldwide leading organic textile processing standard, and actively working towards the goal of a greener, more sustainable future.
Find out about the GOTS certification process 

Cotton Leads
We’re a proud partner of the Cotton Leads Initiative that’s dedicated to advancing sustainable cotton in the supply chain.
Learn more about their mission

Cotton Inc

We’re part of the industry’s largest data-driven resource to help navigate cotton’s global impact.

Discover what makes cotton the fabric of our lives

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