About Us

We're performance fabric fanatics who endeavored to engineer the best fitness shirt on the planet. 

Since 1993, our mission has been to inspire an active lifestyle. 

EXtra PERformance T-shirt

• A shirt that doesn't cling and stick to the skin
• A shirt with smooth seams that don't chafe or bulge
• A shirt to withstand the most rigorous workouts
• A shirt that inherently breathes and cools
• A shirt that can be worn everyday, because modern life is a marathon

Tear Away Tags Wholesale Private Label and Custom Clothing Blanks 
Tear-Away Tags 

We are fitness fabric innovators who engineer the finest exercise apparel essentials ready for any customization. We're vertically integrated & provide unparalleled speed-to-market. We've got domestic manufacturing on lock with a lot of styles always in-stock and quick turn-around for custom orders.

• Wholesale Apparel Blanks
• Private Label
• Custom Manufacturing
• Logo Printing, Heat-Transfer, and Embroidery

Made In California

Because there's nowhere better.
We manufacture almost all of our activewear and lifestyle apparel locally in Los Angeles and control our supply chain. Domestic manufacturing means we can reduce our carbon footprint while assuring quality, ingenuity, transparency and integrity of our business practices, from A to Z.


Wholesale Activewear Clothing Wholesale Sportswear WRAP certified  Wholesale Blanks Wholesale Activewear Wholesale Sportswear Wholesale Fair Labor

WRAP & Fair Labor Certified

Our fabulous employees are operating in a super safe environment for Better Than Fair Wages because we believe workplace safety and social mobility shouldn't be a privilege, it should be the norm.  

Eco-conscious, low impact textiles and business practices
Commitment to Sustainability and a Greener Future

Fast Fashion has never been who we are. We're part of the movement pushing for a green transition by continuously employing and improving eco-conscious manufacturing practices at every juncture possible. 

• Less is more. Our patented technological innovations in fabric engineering empower us with the ability to r
educe waste and environmental impact without compromising quality. Our fabric is efficiently knitted and our clothing is comfortable, durable, and long-lasting, so it stays on your body and out of the landfill. 

• Our dyeing and finishing is Bluesign® certified
Bluesign certified and approved
We use eco-friendly dyes that are not hazardous to humans and the environment. We're reducing water usage, waste, and preventing environmental contamination.

• Cutting & Sewing is Maximized for Efficiency & Extras are Upcycled
Nothing is thrown away. Any scraps leftover from the cutting and sewing process are reappropriated into other products, such as insulation for couch cushions and dog beds. 
Wholesale Blanks Wholesale Sportswear Upcycled

• We're GOTS certified
We're using top quality organic and sustainable fibers that are safe, natural, and eco-friendly.

• We're Oeko-Tex® certified
We're ensuring every square-inch of our products is safe for humans.
Oeko-Tex Certified wholesale clothing manufacturing
 More announcements in green innovation are coming soon!

Made For The Best, By The Best

We engineer performance apparel for the famous brands you know and love.
REALLY famous brands who are so famous we can't even talk about them.
We also make performance apparel for marathons and the U.S. Military. 

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