Smart Fabric Technologies

Our Commitment to Create Smart Fabric Technologies


We have been an innovator in design and development of smart fabric technologies. That means we develop and manufacture our own fabrics. All of our performance products offer inherent moisture-wicking for the life of the garment that does not wash away. This cross-sectional system of the moisture management works through an innovative technique that allows easy transfer of moisture from the skin to the outer side of the fabric for a quick spread to help you stay dry and comfortable at all times. Additionally, all products are breathable allowing the air to pass through working in conjunction with permanent wicking system. All of our performance products offer BodyFreshe’ anti-odor finishing to keep you clean and fresh. Our products are no pill with low or no shrinkage, soft, durable and easy care. Most products require less dry time after wash saving you up to 60% energy which is good for the environment. Further, the garments maintain their colors wash after wash since we use sustainable dyes that do not harm the environment. Whenever and wherever possible, we use recycled and environmentally sustainable materials.



All of our products are made with one goal in mind:
to help you enjoy your active lifestyle interacting with your environment.


Smart Designs Start With Smart Functional Fabrics Technology and builds on everyday Fashion and superb Fit

Natural & Soft with Functional Features

Be uncompromising with the best of both fashion and function in your everyday active lifestyle.

(BE) Siro™- Natural soft hand fabric that highlights performance functional attributes. It is ideal for daily wear and won’t let you down with quality and a fine feel, even with prolonged use. Wrinkle free and no pill with superb breathability.






For those in the know with a focus on high performance while never sacrificing natural feel. See it shine CLICK HERE!

(MC) American MoCA™ - Luxury, natural soft hand material of Micro Modal and Combed Ring Spun Cotton. This fashion-forward material delivers a high-end feel with a touch of luxury.

Soft and luxurious feel for the everyday active lifestyle – see it in action CLICK HERE!

American MoCA

American MoCA


(AB) Tritec™ - A fashion plus functional tri- blend. Its blend of three contents gives it the power to combine the best of all worlds in moisture management, comfort, and strength.



(AA) - This PTS poly rich fabric blended with treated cotton single jersey features microfibers that are a dream in creating a natural look and feel, with functional performance.



(PT) - A heavy weight cotton feel polyester offers premium moisture management and superb durability for both work and play with great breathability, no pilling and wrinkle free.



High tech, high performance

Keep the sweat at bay and maximize your activity with cutting-edge fabrics.

(AJ) oXy Mesh™ - This high-performance micro polyester fabric with inherent moisture management best used as a first layer also features superb breathability. Ideal for warm weather and intense workouts, this mesh will keep you dry and comfortable. Added antimicrobial to help stay fresh and clean at all times.



(AI) - pk maX™ - A moisture managing double knit micro fiber polyester material that is inherently ideal for high-performance. When you’re ready to amp up your activity to the next level, this fabric won’t disappoint when it comes to wicking away the sweat.

pk -maX


(AT) - This Microfiber polyester is super durable, and has withstood the test of time for a reason! This material lasts and outlasts wear and tear with inherent wicking and superb breathability.

microfiber polyester


(AF) - Cationic disperse heather micro polyester. Features all the benefits of our other micro polyester lines but with the addition of incredibly vibrant heather colors.



(AW) - A heavy weight built-to-last and yet built-for-comfort microfiber polyester sphere technology used as a great second layer.

microfiber polyester sphere


AirStretch™ with Recovery

Soft to the touch with comfort stretch and high performance

(AE) - A microfiber spandex that gives you the right stretch, flexibility and closeness you crave with top-tier performance materials.

microfiber spandex


(AQ) - This microfiber spandex takes some serious power stretching up a level with a comfortable jersey knit for a serious workout.

microfiber spandex


(AP) - Cationic micro poly with spandex. Durable, soft, rich in hue, and also designed with stretch, flexibility, and closeness in mind!

cationic polyster spandex


Microfibers for Macro Return


Soft, light-weight but dense Woven married to optimal fabric tech.

(WP) - This Microfiber poly woven provides equal levels of toughness and comfort with a beautiful smooth and soft feel.

microfiber poly woven


(WL) - Microfiber poly spandex with comfort stretch yet durable and breathable.

poly woven


(WA) - This classic strength and softness of lightweight poly dense woven with a smooth texture.

poly woven