Private Label

Custom Private Label Clothing and Branding
Branded apparel, simplified.

Because creating branded clothing shouldn’t be hard.

Expert Brand is a vertically integrated private label clothing manufacturer specializing in active lifestyle apparel. With every step in the production process covered, we offer a wide range of services to satisfy your wholesale private label clothing needs. From fabric development, garment design, and creation of custom clothing labels, to manufacturing, replenishment inventory solutions, and distribution, we deliver turnkey private label clothing solutions for brands, retailers, distributors, corporations, fitness studios, sporting events, and more.

A private label custom clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, Expert Brand designs, develops, produces, and distributes private label apparel and private labels for clothing nationwide.

Creating Private Label Clothing Has Never Been Easier

Our team of experts creates custom clothing solutions specifically tailored to your branded apparel needs. Having refined our process over more than 25 years, we’ve engineered the highest level of quality control in every department to bring our clients the finest custom clothing, private label products in the USA.

What sets us apart? Aside from being veterans in the industry for private label apparel in Los Angeles, we’ve invested significantly in providing superior automation to our clients. Thanks to state-of-the-art facilities combined with cutting-edge IT solutions, Expert Brand provides clients with a seamless, transparent process and enhanced customer experience.

Expert Brand Custom Private Label Clothing Program At-A-Glance

  • 25+ years as a private label custom clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles
  • Conveniently located in the heart of the LA garment district
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Superior automation
  • Seamless, transparent order process
  • Speed-to-market option for quick turnaround
  • Many styles Made in the USA
  • 2 million units of garments in stock to choose from
  • Truly customized private label apparel tailored to your needs


Get Your Private Label Clothing To Market Faster

Expert Brand’s speed-to-market solution offers some of the shortest order turnarounds for wholesale private label clothing in the industry. How do we accomplish this? By stocking over 1.5 million yards of finished and unfinished fabrics—plus over 2 million units of garments. This means faster turnarounds and timely replenishment for our private label apparel clients.

Your Label, Your Choice

We know that every brand and business have different needs, which is why we’ve developed three private label options for your convenience. Choose which works best for your custom private label clothing and we’ll take it from there!

Your Branded Neck Label

Own your private label clothing by replacing the manufacturer’s neck label with your own custom clothing label. Choose from hundreds of in-stock styles to customize with your logo printed neck label.

Minimum order requirement (MOQ): 144 pieces per style per color.

Your Custom Color, Our Style

You chose your brand’s colors for a reason—put them front and center in your private label clothing. Choose from hundreds of apparel styles currently in stock and use your custom brand color(s). We’ll custom dye the fabric to meet your exact color specifications.

MOQ: 1500-3000 pieces per style per color.

Speed-To-Market Programs

Swiftly develop your custom private label clothing line with our streamlined speed-to-market solutions. We can match your custom specifications and colors, hold inventory, and ship on demand from our warehouses for private label apparel in Los Angeles. We offer min / max custom blank and decorated inventory, USA shelf stock, and replenish programs. Please call us for details.

We Develop Custom Private Label Clothing Solutions for… 

  • Brands
  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Corporations
  • Sporting events
  • Marathons
  • Fitness studios and gyms
  • Promotional and marketing firms 

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