An intimate blend of micro modal and combed cotton, this luxurious soft hand fabric defines a new world of comfort wear. Modal is silky smooth to the touch and drapes well, is highly breathable, and offers little or noshrinkage, pilling, or creasing. Its high absorbency rate results in vibrant colors. It is a sustainable fiber witha positive environmental foot print. Combed cotton offers higher quality with superb washability and durability.Its cleaner, finer, and smoother texture results in a more uniform lustrous surface that makes it incredibly soft. With proper and advanced finishing techniques, the combination of micro m odal and combed cotton offera more luxurious, super soft, and stable garment. American MoCATMprovides the coziness and the comfort your body desires.

American MoCATMline of products offer the right fit with fashion in mind to make you look good and feel good.


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