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Customer Reviews

“I have a shirt from Salt Lake City Marathon. It’s my favorite shirt that I own!” -Vivian C., UT

“After I looked at the tag, I realized that the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge T-Shirt, given to participants, was made in the USA by Expert Brand. I like it so much!”-Don E., NY

“I have one of your shirts that I received in a ½ Marathon, ‘Race for a Soldier’. It has become my favorite shirt. Thank you, Expert Brand!”-David S.

“I did the Glow Run in Wichita, KS last year and received a shirt. Even though I am quite picky with the shirts I wear, I absolutely love this shirt from Expert Brand.” -Joel A., KS

“I love how the Expert Brand shirts breathe and fit my body PERFECTLY. It is simply amazing to wear these T-shirts.”- Justin C.

“We are screen printers and we just love your products. Made in the USA, affordable, washes well, and most importantly, comfortable. Hands down, your shirts win in every category. You are doing a great job!” -Chris, KC Custom Design

“I truly believe your products are awesome!” -Rachel K., Team Tuatara, NZ

“I received a race shirt from Expert Brand in a run. It is the BEST tec tee I own.” -Adam B.

“I received one of your T-shirts in a race last year. I am absolutely in love with it. It is the best-performing shirt I use for running.” -Eva M.

“I purchased a Fashion Sports Jacket from Expert Brand. I just love the product, and wear it everywhere: from yoga classes to the gym to pre-race activities.”-Mary L.

“I want to say that I am really impressed by your products. Absolutely love them!” -Todd M., Alot Sports

“We definitely prefer your shirts over four other brands we received. Thank you, Expert Brand.” -Terry S., Absolute Imp. DIF 5k

“I love to work out in your tec tee, which I received in a 10k run!” -Jared K.

“Expert Brand is one of my favorite vendors to work with.” -Tabitha H., Image One

“Great products and wonderful service – simply put, Expert Brand is a great supplier.” –G&G Outfitters Inc.

“Excellent customer service – thank you, Expert Brand!” –B L Promos
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